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Few published their true production figures. Bear in mind that owners often updated their bicycles over the years; though we might like our bike to match its catalogue description, updated parts are also a valid part of its history and provenance. Details of the following manufacturers have been published, so I hope this page can provide an easy reference point.

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The Raleigh Heron Head transfer was introduced in In the same year, mudguards received a forward extension. The company had been taking steps to make it harder for makers of cheap bicycles to copy Raleigh parts. The following dated bicycle frame numbers from the Singer Car Club not guaranteed:. I started to collate frame numbers from s Triumph bicycles, and will update it as I go along.

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You can see it at the new Triumph Bicycle Museum. This data is approximate.

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For example, , might be or The best bet on post machines is to check the Torpedo rear wheel hubs. Since around they used a production stamp, with which they can be dated:. The cycle industry was an early adopter of the new chrome process, and chrome was first used on bicycles in Maurice Selbach is believed to have been the first British manufacturer to have used it in see extract from his catalogue, below. Catalogues were generally printed the year before the season indicated in a catalogue.

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By it had become widely used. Bob - What is the URL to your homepage? Do you have any other vintage catalogs or brochures? Older than the ones that I have seen, but in much worse condition.

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Find More Posts by mastershake Hercumatic was just rebadged Sturmey-Archer. Since it has a hub, ask for the serial numbers on the hub. That'll give you the date of the hub. But as I said earlier, I didn't see a shift cable or shifter. I bought a Raleigh Ltd. Looked a whole lot better than that Hercules.

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I'd pass on this bike. Find More Posts by Mooo. I've never seen a Hercules head badge like that however Find More Posts by YoKev. Originally Posted by Traquair. I never knew you had a closet interest in Hercules I gave the only one that I had away a few years ago Do these things have a collector value? Find More Posts by luker. Again, thanks for all the info. The seller emailed me back. He said he can't find a date stamped on the hub and that the chainring does not say Hercules.

I had also asked him about the size and he said it measured 21 inches from the center of the BB spindle to the top of the seat tube. I haven't ridden many of these old three speeds, so I don't really know if that would fit me at 6'2" it wouldn't if it were a typical road bike.

If it won't fit I'll likely pass it up. Bob - It didn't connect that you run the Schwinn Lightweight Databook.

That is a fantastic site. Just FYI, Geocities says a bunch of the pages in the Rudge and others catalog pages are down due to inactivity. Also, is there a main index page or contents page for the non-Schwinn info? I would love to be able to look at all the old catalogs you've scanned regardless of maker. Originally Posted by luker. I never knew you had a closet interest in Hercules.

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I had a Hercules as a kid in the early '50s. Is there a date stamp on the hub? Apr 24, Pella, IA. I had a Hercules that looked just like that. Of course the hub may tell you. I don't recall where the serial number is. Maybe around the top of the seat post?

Mine never really had a Model Name, either, that I could see. Apr 1, 1, 4, 52 Wallingford, Oxfordshire, UK.

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I have it on good authority from the V-CC Hercules marque specialist here in the UK that it is impossible to date Hercules cycles from the frame number; there is no logic at all to the sequencing. Whilst this is true for the earlier machines I don't know if this is true re.

As stated above, your rear hub will probably yield a pretty likely dating guide. SirMike Cruisin' on my Bluebird Jul 25, Jun 27, 2, 2, United States.