Dating someone who lives far away

On paper, he is exactly the type of person I am looking for, spirituality wise, everything. What are your thoughts?

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Is it a good idea to get involved with someone who lives far away, or not? On the one hand, part of dating and getting to know someone means spending time together, which is pretty difficult to do when you live thousands of miles apart. If you get the relationship off the ground, keeping it going is a real challenge! It is my opinion that if you meet someone special and they live far away, you should give the relationship a chance.

7 Ways to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work Love

However, do so while keeping the following in mind:. Long Distance Relationships can work, if both people are committed to putting in the effort and are committed to living in the same place eventually. Just make sure you take your time.

Most importantly, make sure that, no matter what the arrangement, you feel comfortable with things. Hello Christie, My name is Janice. I met a wonderful man online in April We kept in contact for three months before finally going on a date. The online connection, Skype connection, email connection, and texting connection seemed great.

6 Tips on Maintaining Long Distance Relationships

He is a law enforcement worker Contract job and so he is presently seeking employment. He is divorced and has been for over 10 years. We contact ea other at least three times per day either by phone or text. I have been antsy and have been asking him when we will see each other again.

He tells me soon he hopes, as soon as he finds employment. He tells me that right now he has not been feeling like a man because he cant find employment.

Long Distance Dating: Good Idea, or Not?

He says that he does want us to go out again, but finding the job is a priority for him. He is 50 and I am I too am divorced and have been for four years now. Within our conversations, we talk about many topics and he has told me so much about himself, his children, his exwife, etc.

We laugh a lot on the phone. I feel like if I let him go, I would be losing a good thing. Do I stay on and wait to see what happens in six months from now, because it will soon be a year next week that we have known each other. It has gotten to the point where if I stop answering his calls, I feel like I would have lost a great friend. Or do I move on.


An online relationship without seeing one another regularly is no substitute for a real relationship. You may lose a friend, but you want more than friendship.

How to Get a Guy to Like You If He Lives Far Away

With it being the beginning stages of your infatuation with your new guy, give him a little incentive to reciprocate the feelings by avoiding mentioning other guys. Tell him you like him. If you really like him and you want him to know it more than anything else, tell him.

You have nothing to lose with him being so far away so take a leap and tell him how you feel. Crystal Green is a marketing and event management consultant specializing in non-profit organizations and small businesses. Green spent the last seven years working for a statewide education association directing their trade publications, writing articles for programs' training teams and other event-related freelance projects.

Give your guy plenty of attention even from far away. Meet Singles in your Area! Step 1 Keep in contact. Step 2 Visit often. Step 3 Send him stuff.

Step 4 Nix talking about other guys. Step 5 Tell him you like him. Green hold a Bachelor's degree in Journalism, and is currently working on advanced degrees. View Singles Near You. How to Keep your long distance relationship smoking hot. Romantic Getaways in Traverse City, Michigan.